Invited Talks (videos)

In order to highlight Belgian research and endeavors in the Harvard and MIT community, the Society holds several talks/debates each year intended to be a platform for visiting scholar, postdocs and faculty members. There is a special interest in finding the link between current Belgian topics and their respective expert at Harvard and MIT. 

Below are the recordings of some of our previous talks.
The complete list of Invited Talks organized by the Society can be found here →

HMBSociety Selected Webinar (October 20, 2020)

‘The Response against COVID19 – From outbreak to innovations today’


This talk focused on the how different countries (Belgium, Sweden and the USA) have dealt with the COVID19 outbreak from an epidemiological point of view and on what innovations are currently pipelines to move forward.

Speakers: Prof. Nele Brusselaers (University of Antwerp and Karolinska Institute), a Belgian epidemiology expert, and Prof. David Walt (Harvard Med School, Wyss Institute and Brigham and Women’s Hospital).