Horizon Europe Research Grants

For the attention of the Belgian scientific diaspora as well as any potentially interested US researchers

Frst calls of Horizon Europe have been published.

  • The European Research Council (ERC)’s Starting Grants Call (for researchers 2-7 years after PhD) is now open with a deadline of April 8.
  •  The Consolidator Grants Call (7-12 years after PhD) will open on 11 March with a closing date of April 20.

Overall, €1.9 billion will be made available in 2021 through the ERC to allow some 1,000 researchers to pursue frontier and world-class research in Europe through its generous and prestigious grants. These opportunities are open  to researchers of any nationality wishing to establish a  research group in Europe.

For more information:
ERC kicks off Horizon Europe (general information)
ERC Work Programme (extremely clear and informative on who can apply and how to apply)