About Us

The Harvard-MIT Belgian Society is a Belgian Society originally founded by Belgians Fellows at Harvard and MIT. Its missions are as follows:

  • Be a reference point and resource for Belgian post-docs, scholars, visiting students, affiliates and their families at Harvard University, MIT or other great Bostonian institutions
  • Welcome and orientate new Belgian arrivals in Boston
  • Share our Belgian culture and endeavors within the Belgian, Harvard and MIT community
  • Assist in networking / connecting Belgians with / at Harvard, MIT and other Bostonian institutions

Those efforts are applauded and supported by the Flanders, Brussels and Walloon governments.

The Harvard-MIT Belgian Society currently focuses on three types of events: networking events, invited talks/debates and activities promoting Belgian culture.

Monthly recurring networking drinks

The Belgian beer culture, including the role of beer in the Belgian diet & social life, is considered as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO. This is reason enough to hold a monthly drink on the first Thursday of each month, which is intended for all nationalities who are looking forward to network and enjoy a cultural evening in an informal and social setting. Currently this is located either at the Glass House or at the Meadhall (in Cambridge) starting at 7.30 PM and people are free to walk in at any time. New attendees can recognize us by the little Belgian flag in the vicinity of our group.
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Belgian-themed invited talks

In order to highlight Belgian research and endeavors in the Harvard and MIT community, the Society holds several talks/debates each year intended to be a platform for visiting scholar, postdocs and faculty members. The Society sees this great opportunity for junior scientists to build their curriculum. These talks are often Belgian themed, but accessible for all nationalities and for non-specialists of the discussed field. There is a special interest in finding the link between current Belgian topics and their respective expert at Harvard and MIT. In the near future, we hope to make these invited talks available online for them to reach back to Belgium.
Following the presentation, beverages and snacks are provided to allow for some casual discussions between the attendees and the invited speakers.
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Belgian-themed social events

Besides our Belgian-themed talks, other social events aimed at promoting Belgian culture are organized throughout the year. Activities range from distributing waffles to hosting a reception with Belgian officials.
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